Methods and materials - the Hyper Psych art of Michael J Bowman (aka Velveeta Heartbreak or Marker Magus)

"a riotous multimedia pop inflected explosion of unlikely juxtapositions..."
Caviglia's Cabinet of Curiosities

"Afterlife" hyper-psych art by Michael J Bowman, 48" x 54" on paper, 2011.

Michael comments on his materials and methods. "I make drawings and paintings. I work predominantly on paper and found paper, secondarily on canvas or wood. My primary method is to mark the surface with pencils, color sticks, magic markers, paint pens, oil pastels and acrylic paints. Occasionally I resort to collage. I am interested in unusual, often dissonant, visual combinations which result from hyper-psychic free association, pop vandalism, pure psychic automatism, abstract expressionism, altered states of consciousness and primitivism. I am interested in how these activities create visual chaos within my pictorial space. The hyper-psychic marks are built up in large overlapping quantities, during which time organic designs formed by the chaos are explored and possibly embellished. I have an obsessive-compulsive need to mark the paper, to embellish or alter the found picture. I find and appropriate imagery and vandalize it, mutate it. The content as I assemble it is asemic. Meaning is composed in the mind of the viewer. I don't do sculpture, installations, conceptual or performance art. My mark making can be both personal and referential, most of it is spontaneous, experimental, improvised."

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Kori Ellien said...

Now, I just must say, this is Awesome! :)