What is "Hyper-Psych Art"? Does "Hyper-Psych Art" really exist?

HYPER = A real word that is...
- a prefix used in mathematics to denote four or more dimensions.
- a prefix often used in scientific and technical words, to denote something above or beyond the usual, normal, expected.
- used to denote something that is beyond a level that is safe or healthy.
- used to mean extreme or specifically "more than super".
- used to describe a state in which a person is abnormally excitable and exuberant.

PSYCH = A slang word meaning...
- "psychedelic", specifically psychedelic rock music;
- a psychiatric ward;
- to mentally prepare;
- to manipulate the way in which a person or group of people perceive reality.

The hyper-psych process includes, but is not limited to;
psychic automatism,
abstract expressionism,
recombinant appropriation,
free association,
asemic illustration.

To learn more about hyper-psych art download the PDF article

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