What is Hyper-Psych Art?

HYPER = A prefix used in mathematics to denote four or more dimensions.
A prefix often used in scientific and technical words, to denote something above or beyond the usual, normal, expected.
Beyond a level that is safe or healthy.
Sometimes used to mean extreme or specifically "more than super".
A slang term used to describe a state in which a person is abnormally excitable and exuberant.

PSYCH = Slang for "psychedelic", specifically psychedelic rock music.
A slang word for...
- a psychiatric ward;
- to mentally prepare;
- to manipulate the way in which a person or group of people perceive reality.
The word is derived from the Greek word "psyche" which means "of the mind and/or the soul".

The hyper-psych process includes, but is not limited to;
psychic automatism,
abstract expressionism,
lowbrow-pop-surrealism and recombinant free association (both imply a type of twisted appropriation, a form of 'psychic pop vandalism' if you will)

This Venn Diagram is an attempt to explain the artwork made by Michael J Bowman, aka Velveeta Heartbreak or Marker Magus. "I'm not really proposing art theory or art history here. I'm just trying to map my influences. The chart should really look more like a swirl, as if the ingredients were being blended together into some kind of post-modern rocky road ice cream of art. The easiest explanation is Classic Modernism + Lowbrow Graphics x Primitivism = HyperPsych Art, but it's really way more complicated than that... in fact, so complicated it would take one of those ridiculous Einsteinian blackboards covered in endless math equations to explain it. Or imagine the genre DNA got scrambled in the teleporter, and the paintings ended up like Jeff Goldblum's "Brundlefly"... Another shorthand way to think about it is, 1970s teenager is simultaneously exposed to classic modernism, renaissance art, art museums, european cathedrals, art history books (highbrow art) and lowbrow graphics (rock lp art, comic books, head shop posters, sci-fi/fantasy art, psychedelia, saturday morning cartoons, wacky packages, children's books, etc...) and develops his own way of making art that is more in the tradition of primitives, outsider artists, folk artists and naive illustrators such as graffiti artists and tattoo artists.

You can purchase Michael's original artwork at Gallerymjb.

You may also now purchase Michael's artwork on canvas prints, posters, art cards and more, exclusively at his "zaztronique" zazzle shop...Zaztronique

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